The Story Behind Builder Brian

Our Designs, Our Quality

The aquarium industry has been getting more advanced and high tech over the past few years. Somehow, us reefers never seem to find the exact gadget for very specific needs. We got fed up with the lack of gadgets that us reef keepers get nickel and dimed for. Builder Brian set a goal to create new design processes and manufacturing standards to keep the innovation in our hobby going.

Made In The USA

Hobbyists that are trained engineers and designers, from fields such as user experience design for web to industrial design for big industry, our design engineers craft gadgets for reefers with extreme precision and care right here in the USA. We also only source our ABS filaments from manufacturers from within the United States.

Innovative Technology

Rapid prototype, test on our own aquariums and refine the manufacturing process... That is the process that every product goes through at Builder Brian. We first and foremost care if the products work on our own aquariums and would never sell to customers if a product is not proven in our own labs.

Quality Gadgets

Our overhead is minimal and our processes are efficient, so we charge minimal margins to ensure our products are sold at a reasonable cost while at a high quality. We built this company out of necessity in the search for high quality gadgets and decided to share our innovations with others.

Tools We Use

To be upfront, the extremely talented team at Builder Brian uses some very simple tools to make the amazing products for our fellow reefers. Check out some examples of what our team uses to build our products.

Nearly all products are available on Amazon. Start another hobby in 3D printing if you like!

A Message From Builder Brian

Thank you for visiting Builder Brian. Our hope is that the affordable services and products provided here will help fellow reefers maintain beautiful and successful reefs while keeping the hobby thriving with innovation for years to come.


Builder Brian
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